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America´s Fighter Jets

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America´s Fighter Jets

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U.S. Fighter Jets come alive in this exciting video program!

Producer Topics Entertainment

Specs 2 DVDs, approx. 120 minutes

America's Fighter Jets is a 2-DVD "Doubleshot" Collector's Set which includes:

Jets of the U.S. Air Force
Climb in the cockpit of an F-15 Eagle or an F-16 Viper and fly off into the wild blue yonder. Experience the world of the U.S. Air Force combat pilot as you fly high over the arctic tundra monitoring Russian bombers and ride along in the cockpit over the sweltering desert of Iraq. Filled with wing-to-wing flying, strike missions and intensive training, you'll see what it's really like to be a sky warrior.

Jets of the U.S. Navy and Marines
They say it's the most heart pounding flying in the world with a zero margin for error and few chances to get it right. Journey from a little known base in the Nevada desert to the hostile skies on the other side of the world as you join the real "Top Guns" and streak through the skies in an F-14 Tomcat or F/A-18 Hornet. You'll witness the intense training naval aviators endure long before ever heading to sea and the skill required to make contact with a pitching carrier deck in the middle of the ocean.

This handsomely packaged DVD set makes a fine addition to any aviation enthusiast's video library and an ideal gift! Total runtime approximately 2 hours.

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